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Richmond Author Shares Stories of Growing Up Under a Brutal Regime

“In my book, I did not want to focus only on the terror of life under the Khmer Rouge, the starvation, the violence. I wanted to also capture the beauty of the Cambodia I knew as a child; the traditions, the culture and the way of life that was destroyed by the war.”

By Janice Bressler

Sieu Sean Do, author and victim rights advocate, now calls the Richmond District home. But his path started with a childhood in rural Cambodia and led him on a life-or-death struggle through the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge. Do vividly captures stories of that journey and lessons gleaned from it in a newly published memoir: “A Cloak of Good Fortune.” 

Sieu Sean Do dog 2_6
Author Sieu Sean Do, a compassionate lover of animals, poses with Joey, a Richmond District neighbor’s dog. In his book, “A Cloak of Good Fortune,” Do tells stories of his life in Cambodia under the repressive Khmer Rouge regime. Photo by Becky Lee.

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